Best Ecological Personal Care Products

The condition of the environment is deteriorating at a rapid rate, and it is our responsibility to protect it. Making a shift towards ecological products for our daily use is one of the simplest ways to reduce environmental degradation.


Of course, with the increase in environmental awareness, many people globally are inclined towards purchasing sustainable products. As per a US-based survey, around 78% of people are more likely to go for a product if it comes with an environment-friendly label.


Ecological products can not only help preserve the earth but often work better than conventional items. Research has found that consumers have a more enjoyable experience when using a green product than a non-eco-friendly variant. 


There are several options you have when it comes to sustainable personal care products. Check out some of them below.


Top Eco-Friendly Personal Care Products You Can Opt For:


  1. Eco-Friendly Dental Floss

Conventional dental floss (and its plastic packaging) can affect the environment negatively. But fortunately, you don’t need to skip flossing to reduce the environmental impact! 


You can opt for biodegradable and eco-friendly variants of dental floss instead, which can help protect your teeth as well as the environment. These are made of different materials, including silk, bamboo, and other plant-based fibres that are easily compostable.


  1. Reusable Cotton Facial Pads

We use cotton pads for so many things – cleansing, toning, removing makeup, etc. Of course, cotton pads are biodegradable, but throwing them after single use only adds to the waste buildup.


Opting for reusable cotton pads is a better choice for the earth and in terms of cost-effectiveness! Just pop the used cotton pads in a small laundry bag and throw it into the washing machine with some gentle detergent – they will last much longer than you expect!


  1. Environment-Friendly Toothbrush

We all replace our toothbrushes every few months to keep our teeth healthy – adding to the plastic pollution of the environment. Bamboo toothbrushes are a cheaper yet ecological option as these can be easily recycled.


While the bristles aren’t biodegradable, many are bio-based and less harmful to the environment than standard plastic bristles.


  1. Bamboo Razors

Reusable razors made from bamboo offer tough competition to the use and throw plastic variants. The bamboo handles are designed to make it easier to get a close shave and are much more economical than regular safety razors. 


The blades can be replaced easily when they turn blunt, without needing to change the whole razor.


  1. Recycled Toilet Paper

While recycled toilet paper may not be as soft as regular ones, these have a much lower environmental impact. Using recycled paper ensures that lesser trees are cut down to source raw materials. In addition, the manufacturing process for recycled toilet paper uses much less energy and water than regular toilet paper.


Also, these are mostly free from chemicals and usually come in recyclable packaging.


Summing Up


Preserving the environment is something that all of us need to do together. And switching to ecological personal care products is a small step that can significantly affect the earth.