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5 Morning Hacks to Kick-Start Your Day and Own the Morning

July 02, 2020

5 Morning Hacks to Kick-Start Your Day and Own the Morning

How frequently has this occurred: you have a fantastic weekend, you're ready to go for Monday morning, and afterward, something happens, and everything hits the fan? You're behind before the week even begins, and you're in a super terrible mood and don't have the energy to deal with anything. It indeed shouldn't be like this; however, this is the truth of life.

What would you be able to do to stay ahead of the game as well as push through even the most annoying interruptions to your efficiency?

Here are some recommendations to help engage you to stay focused, loaded with energy, and make the most out of your day, in any event, when life throws you some curveballs.


Ways to Boost Your Energy in the Morning  

1. Kratom to Kick Start your day

Kratom can be utilized like coffee; you can utilize kratom as a caffeine alternative, or, you can mix them both for a synergetic morning that will wake you up. Using this herbal supplement in the mornings can likewise be utilized when your coffee addiction has driven you into a high coffee tolerance[1]. This will be very beneficial considering you have been utilizing coffee to wake up for your adult life. Kratom allows you to have something other than what's expected to give you this benefit and maybe even bid farewell to coffee.

2. Meditate

Meditation is the disintegration of the musings in our pure perception without embodiment, knowing without deduction and fusing finitude in interminability[3]. It resembles scrubbing down or shower to clean our mind like we wash up in the morning to clear our body, and after that, we get going in our day to day activities. Meditation ordinary is for bringing calm and peace to our minds.

3. Warm Water with Lemon

Add a cut of lemon in a glass of warm temp water and drink one each morning. Aside from being a decent source of vitamin C and an incredible method of flushing out toxins in the morning, it balances and maintains the PH levels in the body, decreases pain and inflammation in knees as well as joints and helps the healthy mind as well as nerve cells and keeps you healthy[2].

4. Have Matcha Tea Instead of Coffee

Not exclusively is matcha green tea simpler to make than most coffee drinks, it conveys a larger number of nutrients and antioxidants as compared to traditional green tea. Matcha green tea provides peaceful awareness with less caffeine as compared to your normal coffee cup. As a little something extra, you'll additionally abstain from having morning coffee breath, and you will have the energy to keep going throughout the entire day.

5. Have Protein for Breakfast

Eating protein in the morning will leave you feeling increasingly satisfied and give a steady energy supply for the day, which might help in curb cravings. Breakfast loaded with proteins options includes cereal include Greek yogurt, eggs, oatmeal, nuts, nut butter as well as chia seeds. This doesn't mean you can't have cereal, search for higher-protein alternatives instead, and skip sugary carbs.

Following these tips should enable you to launch your morning, particularly those extreme Monday mornings, with more energy and vitality. Do you have your morning hacks to share? Please share it with us!


Final Tips to Own the Morning

Set yourself up for success by being mindful of your actions right from the start. Don't let your mind immediately jump to all the things you need to do throughout the day. As soon as you wake up, take a few minutes to do these 3 things: 

  1. Be present — take a few deep breaths and think positive thoughts
  2. Control the day — set priorities so you don’t lose focus
  3. Take care of yourself — take breaks throughout the day, and remember to support your fitness and relaxation goals

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