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Studies Show Honey Bee Venom Can Help Fight Cancer

October 28, 2020

Studies Show Honey Bee Venom Can Help Fight Cancer

Humans have a long history of using various bee products for healthy living purposes. The earliest mentions of it trace back as many as 6,000 years!

Yet some bee products have gotten far more attention from medical researchers than others. Raw honey, for example, has well-known (and much-studied) healing properties. Likewise, bee pollen may be “the only perfect food," making it a popular natural supplement. That is especially true when bees collect it from healing plants.

By comparison, honey bee venom has gotten little attention or study. As a result, despite having some powerful effects, only 5% of surveyed pharmacists are even aware of its myriad therapeutic uses. In that respect, honey bee venom is like products derived from natural herbs (as well as other healing plant-based products).

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4 (Potentially) Life-Changing New Findings About Honey Bee Venom

Recent research findings may yet change the medical community’s level of interest in bee venom products. In laboratory studies, honey bee venom has been effective as a cancer-killing agent for a range of different types of breast cancer cells. Though this effect is yet unproven in human trials, early findings suggest that:

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  • Honey bee venom can have a near-immediate impact on cancer cells. It may reduce cells' growth and division within 20 minutes and kill them within one hour.
  • This process not only kills cancer cells, but also leaves most healthy cells unharmed.
  • Honey bee venom may make a promising alternative treatment for hard-to-treat types and cases of breast cancer. That includes TNBC and HER2-positive variations.
  • If it proves to be safe and effective for use in humans, honey bee venom is relatively accessible. This would mean more cost-effective cancer treatments would be available to more people around the world.

How Honey Bee Venom Supports Healthy Living

Honey bee venom contains both cancer-killing Melitten and anti-inflammatory and analgesic peptides. Together, these compounds may contribute to a whole host of extra therapeutic benefits. These include:

  • Diminishing inflammation-related pain and joint damage for Rheumatoid Arthritis patients;
  • Reducing the symptoms of various other auto-immune conditions, like lupus;
  • Augmenting (and enhancing) the effect of traditional anti-inflammatory and analgesic medicines; and
  • Reducing pain, especially when used in combination with acupuncture.

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What's more, topical honey bee venom products could also have some positive effects. For example, some users find that they have a noticeable effect on skin health and wound healing. That's why honey bee venom is gaining popularity for use not just in natural supplements, but in serums, extracts, and moisturizers as well.

Honey Bee Venom As Complementary Medicine

Even if it turns out that honey bee venom only affects some types of cancers, other cancer patients may still put bee venom therapy to good use. For example, receiving honey bee venom acupuncture may minimize the side-effects of chemotherapy.

That's because the benefits of honey bee venom are most significant during combination treatment. One of its impacts on cancer cells, for instance, doubles in strength when it's used as combination therapy.

As a result, practitioners prefer infusions of traditional medicine, bee venom, and healing plants and/or natural herbs. These are the most effective of the available bee venom medicines and natural supplements.

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