Kratom Legality – Is Kratom Legal in Canada?


Is Kratom Legal in Canada?

Kratom is currently legal to purchase and possess in Canada. Health Canada has this herb labeled for “scientific purposes” and not for human consumption, although it can be used in topical health products.

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Want to Learn More About Kratom?

Kratom, Cratum, Ketum, Mitragyna Speciosa; it has many names. Are you curious, what is Kratom? To help you learn more about what this leaf from Indonesia & Southeast Asia is, Kratom Society is a comprehensive guide covering all aspects of Kratom.

Benefits & Effects of Kratom

People are finding man benefits of Kratom. It seems that the herb offers many positive impacts in certain cases as a natural health product. Benefits such as relief, improving energy & focus, as well as general well-being.

The Usage of Kratom

It’s been used in Indonesia for centuries, but how is this herb being used today? You may wonder what’s the best way to use Kratom, including some precautions and kratom dosage.

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