The Comprehensive Guide To Kratom Strains

Kratom is a herb that is native to Southeast Asia and is used to create a range of products and supplements. It comes from kratom tree leaves and has a range of chemical compounds that give it unique stimulating and therapeutic properties. In this sense, it is much like other herbs, like CBD.

However, many people seem to get slept on by kratom because they are not familiar with it and its various strains. They don’t realize that, in many ways, kratom is even superior to other herbal supplements, depending on what the desired result is. For example, it can help alleviate pain, deal with withdrawal symptoms and manage mental health issues.

In fact, it has shown such great potential that the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) has been studying how it can help people get over opioid withdrawals. We have prepared a comprehensive guide that will allow you to understand kratom and its strains, including herbal supplements made from it. Without further delay, let’s dive in.

Kratom Strains By Color

Kratom strains tend to be labeled by color because of the type and color of the kratom leaves’ veins. This means that a kind of kratom can have different color types. For example, there can be Red and Gold kratom strains for Maeng Da leaves. This color is significant as it tells you about the maturity stage of the kratom leaf. This will tell you what properties and effects the particular strain will cause. This will allow you to choose which kratom strain you want depending on your needs and the required effects. We will go through each of these kratom strains by color.


Red Kratom Strains

A kratom leaf’s earliest stage of maturity is when the veins are red. This is known as the Red kratom strain, and it is the most popular choice among people. It has the highest amount of 7-hydroxy mitragynine, an alkaloid that can be as potent as morphine. This same alkaloid causes the red color inside kratom leaf veins. As a result, it can help relieve stress and pain while causing relaxation and relief. It can also visibly boost a person’s mood and ensure they are in the right state of mind. This red kratom is an excellent option for those suffering from chronic pains and tension and can make it much more manageable. It is why many people suffering from withdrawal symptoms caused by painkillers and sleeping aids choose to replace them with kratom supplements. It is crucial to note that each type of Red kratom will differ. The properties we mentioned here are general ones seen in most red strains.


White Kratom Strains

White kratom strains are derived from kratom leaves with a prominent white vein in the middle. The main benefit of white kratom strains is that they help you energize and focus. This is because the mitragynine amounts are not as high as in red and green kratom strains. In these amounts, mitragynine exhibits anti-depressant effects which attach to the serotonin receptors of the mind. Serotonin is the chemical in the brain which is responsible for happiness. White kratom strains can help you battle negative feelings like fear, anxiety, restlessness, and fatigue. Instead, you will feel motivation, endurance, and concentration in your daily tasks. It can also be an ideal substitute for mood-boosting alternatives like coffee. If you think that coffee makes you too jittery, you should consider white kratom as an alternative.

However, if you want a kratom strain that can help you deal with pain, white kratom strains are unsuitable due to the lower amount of mitragynine. Instead, it should be used as a mood-boosting supplement.


Green Kratom Strains

Green StrainsGreen kratom strains are derived from leaves in the maturity stage between red and white kratom leaves. As a result, it has a balance between these strains’ properties because of the middle-ground amount of mitragynine. As a result, green kratom strains possess mild energy-amplifying and pain-relieving properties. This strain is preferred by people suffering from mild chronic pains, as it helps ease the pain without causing the strong sedative effects that red kratom strains can cause. Furthermore, people who suffer from social anxiety tend to prefer this strain as it helps them feel relaxed and reduces the crippling anxiety in such situations. Since green kratom is a middle ground, it is an excellent option as a buffer to create kratom strain mixes. For example, if you want a kratom mix with better pain-relieving properties than white strains but not as strong as pure red kratom strains, you can consider mixing red kratom with green kratom.


Gold Kratom Strains

Gold kratom strains are unique because they do not come from a gold-colored kratom leaf (they don’t exist). Instead, they are derived from red kratom leaves after a unique and prolonged sun-drying process. This helps concentrate the mitragynine and alkaloid profiles in the red kratom leaf, which helps boost its properties and make it a unique strain.

As a result, it has incredible pain-reducing properties, which can act almost immediately as opposed to red kratom, where the effects can take some time to kick in. It can also help boost the appetite of people with eating disorders without making them want to overeat. Furthermore, it can help people suffering from insomnia and other sleeping disorders, ensuring they can sleep immediately and not lose valuable rest. It is important to note that some vendors make gold strains by either mixing different kratom strains or dying. As a result, these strains are not genuine, so you won’t be able to enjoy gold strain properties. However, we make these gold strains genuinely with kratom leaves grown in the wild, which is why no two products will taste the same,


Kratom Strains By Type

There are various types of kratom strains available throughout the world. Each of them has unique characteristics caused by the location and climate where they are grown. Additionally, these kratom strains can have different properties depending on the color. We will examine the most popular kratom strain types and their unique properties.


Maeng Da

Maeng Da strains are probably the most popular kratom strain type available. This is because they are powerful and long-lasting, with effects that enthusiasts highly desire. It is notable for boosting people’s energy and enhancing their mood for a long time. It is why many people tend to use it as a substitute for coffee. You can use lower doses to calm anxiety and higher doses to reduce pain.



Malay strains are preferred by people who want more stimulating herbs than analgesic ones. This is because Malay strains are not as potent, so they can help relieve stress and boost mood without causing drowsiness. They are also long-lasting, so they can help boost your mood and attention span throughout the day. It is an excellent strain for mixing with other kratom strains and colors to get the exact effect you are looking for.



Bali kratom strains are some of the highest quality strains on the market, yet they are affordable. They are grown on the famous Indonesian vacation island with a rainforest climate. Bali kratom is an incredibly well-balanced strain that can be considered the perfect blend of all other strains. It offers several beneficial effects, including reducing pain and having energizing and mood-boosting properties. Additionally, you can use it to reduce your appetite, which is ideal for people who want to lose weight.


What is the best kratom strain?

This is a common question that people ask that is not easily answered. This is because everyone will have unique preferences and requirements regarding kratom strains. As such, the best kratom strain will be entirely subjective. There are some ways that you can figure out the ideal kratom strain for you.

These are:
● Understand your specific needs and choose the kratom type and color that fits your needs.
● Conduct research and check out some informative websites that give you accurate information. You can even look at product reviews from kratom enthusiasts to get an idea.
● Consider getting recommendations from reputable vendors. Reputable vendors like us get various customers, and we can understand exactly what they are looking for.
● Consider getting sample packs that will have small amounts of kratom strains. You can try these out individually to understand which hits just right for you. You can mix these up to get the combination right and then buy those specific strains in larger amounts.
● Try out different products that are made from kratom. If you don’t like kratom powders, you can consider trying ethnobotanicals, premium extracts, or capsules.

To sum up

Kratom is an incredible herb with many benefits, including relaxing the mind and reducing pain. It is available in various strain colors and types, each with its unique properties. Red kratom leaves have a higher amount of mitragynine, the alkaloid that gives it opioid-type effects. As a result, they are much stronger and can be used to reduce chronic pain. White kratom leaves are mature with lower alkaloid amounts, so they are ideal for boosting mood. Green kratom leaves are in the middle of these two, providing mild mood-boosting and pain-reduction effects. You can mix it with other kratom leaves to achieve the desired result. Gold kratom leaves are unique as they are made from a unique sun-drying process on red kratom leaves.

Various kratom leaves have unique properties, including Malay, Bali, and Maeng Da. You can mix and match both colors and kratom types, giving you multiple options at your disposal. Some are stronger while others are more relaxing, so choose which suits your requirements. This article has examined some ways to select the best kratom strain for you.

We hope this article proves informative and has helped you understand kratom strains. Thank you for reading!