Expectations Before Visiting an Osteopath

In the US, the popularity of osteopathy as a profession is steadily rising. According to the Osteopathic Medical Profession Report released by the American Osteopathic Association, around 26% of medical students at present in the US are enrolled in an osteopathy course. 


This field of medical science owes its popularity due to its non-invasive technique and high rate of success. Usually, patients suffering from general muscle or joint pains in different areas of the body opt for osteopathic treatment. As per a study, osteopathy has been found to be highly effective as a complementary treatment for treating low back pain.


If you are suffering from pain in the muscles or joints, maybe you could try osteopathy. Here are a few things that you need to be aware of before you get an appointment.

What To Expect While Visiting An Osteopath

Questions About Your Medical History

If it’s your first osteopathy session, the medical professional is going to start by asking about your lifestyle, any health issues you have, as well as the treatment you’ve been receiving for it. They will also ask you to describe all the symptoms you’ve been experiencing to understand your condition better.


Make sure you provide all the information correctly and in detail to help the osteopath identify the underlying causes of your discomfort.

Physical Assessment And Diagnosis

Once the osteopath has got the necessary information, they might follow it up by a physical examination. This may involve examining the problematic areas of the body to identify any weakness or issue within the muscles or joints. These professionals are trained to possess an advanced sense of touch which enables them to find even the slightest changes that may be causing the pain.


In addition, the doctor may ask you to do some simple movements. These are usually to check your mobility as well as the overall condition of your joints and ligaments. After conducting the examination, the osteopath will make their diagnosis and provide you with a detailed explanation.


They may either give you some advice on relieving the pain or suggest a treatment plan depending on the severity of your condition. If the problem is severe and out of the scope of osteopathic medicine, they can refer you to another medical expert.

Treatment Procedures

There are several treatment techniques that osteopaths use for improving the overall functioning of your body. Usually, these are quite gentle on the body to prevent you from experiencing too much pain.


The commonly used osteopathic techniques include massages and stretching exercises to relieve stiffness in the muscles or joints. In addition, articulatory techniques may be used to improve the mobility of the joints. The osteopath may also opt for high-velocity thrusts to the spine to reduce pain and align the joint to its correct position.


There might be some slight discomfort following the treatment session, but it usually doesn’t last more than a couple of days. After that, however, you might need to visit the osteopath for follow-ups as advised.

Summing Up

Going for an osteopathy appointment can seem unnerving, especially when it’s the first time. But once you know what to expect, things are sure to feel much easier!