Top 20 Holistic Wellness Influencers in the World

The notion of holistic wellness is deeply enrooted in ancient healthcare traditions and practices. This approach towards health betterment includes medical, mental, social, emotional, and experience-based wellness practices that prevent diseases and offer a wholesome living.
Not everyone these days is inclined towards the usage of antibiotics and opting for other technological healthcare practices; rather, they go for organic and natural alternates.
If you want to know more about the healing powers of holistic wellness, here is a list of the twenty best influencers who will provide you with complete guidance about the subject:

Kara Stavish

Suffering from multiple unexplainable health conditions and facing a major health crisis in 2015 made Kara Stavish not only re-learn living but also helped people worldwide to improve their lifestyle through her platform ‘concepts of life and wellness.’ As the name suggests, this venture focuses on educating the audience about the importance of mental health, physical growth, healthy eating practices, and redefining your living altogether. Stavish’s valuable content is bound to be your inspiration to start your transformational journey.

Meg Tantillo

Meg Tantillo is the founder of the holistic health code that aims to help people with their improved mental and physical health. Being a doctor of nursing practice and having thorough experience in critical care, Tantillo is benefitting the masses through her expertise worldwide. She founded this platform to help women cope with major health concerns and other familial issues online. Tantillo provides impeccable guidance for ‘PMS and PMDD, preconception and postpartum care, infertility, menopause, autoimmune disease, digestive conditions, medical marijuana, and intravenous nutrient therapy.’

Maria Sosa

Maria Sosa is a wellness expert who provides impeccable relationship services, helps people to change their lives, and aids the healing process related to relationship traumas. She is also an Intuitive Eating Counselor who can help you redefine your eating habits and patterns. Sosa’s ideology is centered on curating a life for oneself that works for us and our relations only, irrespective of how it turns out for the world. Her solution-focused approach towards life will change your life for good. Her coaching style is based on empowerment and resilience. You will love how her therapy will improve your give your life a much-needed change and make it work for your self-growth.

Lyzabeth Lopez

You feel good when you look good; believing in this mantra has helped transform many lives. Likewise, Lyzabeth Lopez has not just changed her life but has been working for the past 15 years to transform the bodies of women and empower them. The life-long experience of working as a fitness trainer has enabled Lopez to create a successful formula and let women live fulfilling, happier, and healthier life. Her gram-worthy pictures will inspire you to step up for the betterment of your life.

Ali Le Vere

You are what you eat; eating patterns define your physical and mental health. Ali Le Vere believes in returning to the adaption of ancestral wellness practices. She focuses on enabling you to reclaim your ‘bodily agency’ to enhance the natural healing potency and promote better health. Being through a physical breakdown has let Le Vere opt for ‘preventative lifestyle strategies. She is dedicated to enhancing scientific literacy regarding holistic healing and wellness. You will be amazed at how her strategies, tips, and techniques will make your dreams of fitness come true.

Krista King

Women are often easier prey to health concerns. An irregular menstrual cycle, menopause, and other feminine issues can take a toll on a woman’s wellbeing. Krista King is an experienced dietitian and cycle educator who can help resolve all your period-related issues with only a few lifestyles and eating habit changes. She is dedicated to the effective healing of hormones naturally. Her amazing content is about empowering women and letting them live fulfilling lives without worrying about fertility issues and all the problems that come along while coping with them. Do follow her if you are also suffering from symptomless cycles!

Josh Holland

Josh Holland is hands-on, one of the best ‘fitness trainers, holistic health coach and sports professional.’ He has a year’s long-experience of working as a fitness professional helping people with ‘physical and spiritual’ wellnesses. He is a global brand ambassador for many fitness ventures and is serving to make life a lot easier for people having health concerns. You can also seek virtual consultation and fitness training no matter what part of the world you are from. Make sure to go through his helpful content.

Neda Varbanova

Neda Varbanova has a Master’s degree in food studies from NYU Steinhardt and is a certified culinary nutritionist, which led her to the creation of ‘Healthy with Nedi.’ She strongly supports the idea of healthy eating and its positive impact on our lives. She shares figure-transforming and maintaining recipes on her blog. Healthy with Nedi was created in 2015 and has grown in popularity ever since due to its beneficial impact on readers’ lives. To find ‘healthy recipes, nutritional advice, fitness tips, beauty tips, restaurant and travel guides, and wellness eBooks,’ do visit Varbanova’s blog.

Samantha Gladish

Samantha Gladish is one of the inspiring women who are thrilled to live on their terms and shatter the glass ceilings. Being a dreamer and a doer since childhood, she has always focused on building a fulfilling life, and now she is dedicating her services to letting other women grow. She is an entrepreneur, podcaster, holistic nutritionist, and a born leader who can significantly transform your life completely. Her whole career and work are undeniably impressive, and you must follow her if you want some motivation to step up for your good and healthier self.

Kelly LeVeque

If you want to get back in shape without having to starve yourself and losing all the energy, Kelly LeVeque can help you shed a few pounds. She is a celebrity holistic nutritionist and wellness expert and has a successful career as a fitness enthusiast. From curbing your cravings to being fueled up all day, LeVeque’s tips and tricks will help you stay healthy and have your dream figure. Her amazing ‘be well’ website is filled with informative podcasts, recipes and products that will make your life much easier and more purposeful.

Elisa Song

If you are a parent, you would know how difficult it is to manage your kid’s health, particularly when you are new to it. You keep worrying about inconsistent eating habits and what you should be feeding your child to promote healthy growth. Elisa Song’s ‘Healthy kids, Happy kids’ is the platform that will address all your queries and help you understand what works best for kids’ health. Song is a ‘holistic pediatrician and pediatric functional medicine expert,’ and you will find her blog really helpful while taking care of your child’s wellness. Do visit it for more thoughtful insights.

Hannah Hopper

Hannah Hopper is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist passionate about spreading awareness about healthy eating habits and practicing wholesome living. Her virtual holistic nutrition consulting practice is dedicated to promoting natural healing and hormonal balancing in women. Hopper believes, ‘No matter what you’re going through, your body has an innate ability to heal,’ and that notion forms the basis of her holistic healing practices. If you have any concerns like PMS, irregular menstrual cycle, digestive issues, or messed up sleeping patterns, you must follow Hannah Hopper for optimal natural healing of your body.

Johane Filemon

You are what you eat has become a popular belief, owing to the increased awareness about the body’s natural healing abilities. Likewise, Johane Filemon is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist concerned about promoting a holistic approach to living. She provides customized nutrition therapy techniques per every individual’s requirement and helps people evolve mentally and physically. Regaining your life and youth would never have been this easy as Philemon’s thoughtful content has made it. Do follow hem for more effective lifestyle tips and techniques to adopt a better lifestyle.

Mckenna Haz

Being raised on an island ocean has always been home for Mckenna Haz. Witnessing the waste on her local shorelines as an outcome of the Fukushima earthquake compelled her to find a sustainable athleisure brand from her dorm room. Today she runs a successful woman-led venture. As a team, she has ‘diverted over 100,000 plastic bottles from the ocean’ and ‘upcycle plastics into every garment’ and has significantly reduced virgin polyester use. Her work is the true inspiration for all fitness and healthy-environment enthusiasts.

Renee Wellenstein

Renee Wellenstein is one of the most reliable wellness influencers; she has extensive experience working as Ob/Gyn, an online fitness and nutrition coach, and has now become a functional medicine doc. Having a severe injury due to a fall from horseback introduced her to the realm of functional medicine and holistic healthcare, and she has not turned back ever since. She is working hard to transform the lives of many worldwide and promote natural body healing. Do check her podcast and blog for more insights about holistic wellness practices.

Sarah Baker

If you want to regain your long-lost motivation to improve your living, Sarah Baker is the perfect motivational speaker to listen to right away. She loves inspiring and uplifting people and motivates them to enjoy laughing more often since it is therapeutic! She hosts a ‘wellness insider TV’ show and runs a blog titled ‘balanced babe.’ Baker’s work for the wellness industry is quite notable and well-appreciated. Her thought-provoking content is a treat for those who are looking to change their lives and transform into better ‘beings.’

Andrea Beaman

Andrea Beaman is a remarkable holistic healthcare influencer working hard to create content that promotes healthy living and supports effective nourishing of mind and body. She is an educator and seeks pride in sharing her knowledge for the collective good. You can listen to her podcast, read her inspiring article, get effective healthy recipes, or take Beam’s online courses to enhance your knowledge about the holistic approach to living. If you want to see betterment in life, Andrea Beaman is there to help you with your life-changing process.

Dr. Nicole LePera

Embarking on a self-healing journey might be an easy decision to take, but to remain consistent with it is the real struggle. Self-Healers Circle is a community created by Dr. Nicole LePera where you can connect to other self-healers and ‘go deeper in your self-guided healing journey.’ From creating a new habit to dismantling old behavior patterns, Dr. LePera’s guidance will provide you with everything needed to evolve into a better being. You will be amazed at how much power does your body hold to heal itself and age back.

Sarah Britton

An educational background in Holistic Nutrition makes one of the most reliable wellness influencers. Her blog ‘My New Roots’ is all about educating people about the benefits of plant-based healthy edibles and how they can be made. Her content will help you upgrade your living practices and opt for things that benefit your mental and physical wellbeing. Brittion has used her education as a user guide to transforming herself. As a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, she creates genuine and effective healthcare content that will work like a charm for maintaining optimal health.

Dr. Chris Motley

Ever since the world has become a global village, it has become quite convenient to compare Eastern and Western healthcare practices, either of olden times or current ones. If you are hoping to find a blend of medicinal practices of both poles, Dr. Chris Motley is an influencer you should be following. He believes the combined knowledge has more healing power. He enjoys practicing healthcare from a Chinese Medicine viewpoint and provides you with unique content about holistic wellness practices. Motely firmly believes that health is art. Most everything is a form of art; the canvases are just different. You will enjoy his out of box content.