Daily exercise: 6 reasons to start today

The general recommendation is that a person performs physical activities for 30 minutes a day. The exercise level can range from moderate to intense. If one chooses to workout more than the allotted time limit and mixes and matches the exercise type, they are likely to unlock an extremely healthy lifestyle. 

Scientists recommend exercising for 30 minutes every day. If not, at least 15 minutes. Any movement that courses through your whole body – even a slow-paced walk, can do wonders if done daily. You don’t have to become a gym rat, just enough to keep your body in good condition with good food, supplements, and proper exercise. You can even prevent the onset of various diseases this way.

Why Should One Exercise?

Research has again and again set foot on the same conclusion. Exercise is not only a great way to energize and maintain a body that has been deteriorating from a health perspective, but it’s also a proven effective measure against future illness

You can prevent some of the most common illnesses if you exercise regularly. This includes diabetes, obesity, dementia, heart attack, stroke, and even depression. After all, a healthy body has been linked to a healthy mind for some time. 

To fight diseases

Regular exercise can act as a barrier against many kinds of diseases, physical and mental. It’s good for preventing depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, arthritis, stroke and type 2 diabetes among many others. 

Exercise keeps a person’s mind and their entire body alert, thus doing wonders for cognitive functions. 

In general, exercise prevents any kind of heart disease. The good cholesterol in your body increases as you move around, reducing the bad ones. The smooth blood flow is what keeps your heart active. 

To sleep

Have trouble sleeping? Your mind is tired but your body doesn’t seem to get the memo. Exercise can help you fall asleep faster. Avoid exercising close to bedtime though, as you may still be on the high from physical activities. 

For socializing

People make friends at the gym all the time. However, if you think it’s too professional of a setting to chatter in, you can try different types of exercise. Physical activities don’t have to mean picking up dumbbells. 

You can sign up for dance classes, go hiking or try rowing. These are all social activities that help you socialize as they involve large groups of people. 

To uplift your mood

This ties into how exercise can help prevent depression and anxiety. Physical activities stimulate the chemicals in your brain, many of which are related to relaxation and happiness. 

A small walk can keep you in an excellent mood for the rest of the day. As exercising improves your health, you may also have more positive feelings towards your body. Improved confidence and self-esteem naturally mean a better mood.

Energy booster

Do you ever get up to refill your glass of water and feel your lungs give out? You can thank the lack of exercise for it. Physical activities improve your muscle strength, in addition to increasing your endurance level. 

Since your heart and lungs are healthier, you get the energy needed to do chores that would otherwise cause back pain. 

Weight control

Exercise is good for weight gain and weight loss. Depending on what your body needs, there are various physical activities that help you maintain the weight you want. Calories help you burn fat while certain exercises help you gain muscles. 

So, even if you only walk up and down the stairs daily, it is still better than being a mere couch potato. 

What Kind of Exercise Should You Do?

Workouts can be broadly separated into two categories. They are:

  • Strength Exercise
  • Aerobic Activity

Aerobic activity can range from biking, walking, and swimming to running and dancing. For strength exercises, you can weightlift or paddle and rock climbing. As your arms paddle against the resistance of water, it strengthens your arm muscles. 

Why Do People Exercise?

Health is always the biggest common factor in why people choose to exercise. However, for a lot of people, that’s not the only reason. 

  1. For Fun

Some people exercise because they simply like to. There is no health angle in their mind but another way of relieving stress after a long day at work. Usually, someone who exercises as a relaxing activity tends to skip out on it a lot. Their methods of exercising also may not be the most routined. It can be yoga sometimes or a simple walk some other time. In a way, this kind of no-stress exercise can be healthy for the mind. It tends to put the person in a good, relaxed mood. 

  1. For Weight Loss

Often, weight loss turns out to be the main reason why people take an interest in working out. In this case, while the 30-minute day rule is good enough, if you want the results to show faster, you can extend it to an hour. You can also slowly start updating the intensity of the exercises as your body gets used to the workout. 

  1. For Professional Reasons

For lots of people, biking, swimming, etc., are professional choices. They exercise because there is a competition they plan on winning. This means having a 70 to 85 percent heartbeat rate. An intense workout combined with one hour of training is usually the norm for these people. 

Why Should You Not Sit Much?

Besides exercising the recommended minimum amount, you need to reduce the amount of time you spend sitting. Your metabolism issues the more you stay sitting. Even with daily exercises, sitting for an extended period can adversely affect your health. 

Research also suggests that lost weight can be maintained if one does not sit much throughout the day. If you can’t work out in one go due to your office work or studies, you can stretch out your exercise schedule throughout the day. If it is not possible to lift weights for 10 minutes a day, do so for 5 minutes instead. It is better to have the minimum amount of exercise rather than give up on your health altogether. 

Final Thoughts

Try to get in as much exercise as possible. Even if you can’t do it regularly, even once a week is better than nothing. Anything that keeps your body moving is good. 

Daily exercise aside, if you are truly invested in achieving a healthy lifestyle, you want to look into nutritious food and supplements too. If you join a gym, you will receive a diet chart anyway. All you have to do is pick the health supplements.