People are skilled at setting lofty objectives with the greatest intentions, but they often need help sticking to them. So start with something manageable rather than setting yourself a mountain to climb. 

While we all want to lead a healthy lifestyle, not many are willing to take big steps in that direction! More often than not, we start the year with elaborate plans of all the things we would do to make our lifestyle healthier but lose motivation after a few days

This is especially true if you have been thinking of following a strict diet plan or an intensive workout regime to lose some weight. But when it comes to healthy living, little things can go a long way. These five simple modifications are the initial steps to eventually achieving your health goals. Do not attempt to do them simultaneously.

5 Small Changes to Improve Your Health

Do you believe that you must spend hours at the gym or adopt a strict diet to enhance your health? While you might think that significant life changes are necessary to see benefits, minor lifestyle adjustments can substantially impact your overall health and happiness.

1. Add Just 20 Minutes More to Your Weekly Exercise Schedule

Have you been avoiding your gym sessions forever? Well, it’s time for a change! If you feel that you’re unable to fit in an exercise regime in your busy schedule, try some alternative ways of burning those calories.

Ignore what you learned in physical education class: you don’t have to exercise the same way as everyone else. Start small and increase your activity level from there, whether your ultimate goal is to prepare for marathons or just to simply develop a fitness routine.

Twenty minutes is sufficient. Put it in your calendar the same way you would a friend’s lunch or a business meeting. Small activities like going for an early morning run, taking your dog for a long walk, or choosing the stairs instead of the lift; can go a long way in keeping you healthy. But, of course, going for dance or yoga classes is also a nice alternative.

There are several excellent exercises that you may perform in the comfort of your own home without any special equipment. One bodyweight-only workout regimen of five minutes per day can be a fantastic motivator for positive development. Studie have also found that minor changes in physical activity or eating habits can help in weight management.

2. Don’t Neglect The Veggies

Did you know that the best way to maintain a healthy diet is to add in some (or preferably, a lot!) of vegetables in it? But unfortunately, many of us tend to skip on our veggies during meals.

Rather than limiting your diet, try consuming more fruits and vegetables. Instead of removing nourishment from your diet, consider adding it. Instead of utilizing veggies to cut calories or replace food with an entirely different nutritional profile, consider including them in your diet to boost your consumption of nutrients.

Consider it an opportunity to be inventive! For instance, if you enjoy mashed potatoes, you might add broccoli to them or experiment with adding zucchini “zoodles” to your pasta dish with sauce.

Once you get used to cuisine, it’s helpful to prepare it in different ways because you might enjoy a certain vegetable roasted or raw but detest it cooked. Things just got fascinating for eating well!

3. Drink More Water

Water is essential for surviving. But most people consume it just for that. It is much more than just a survival aid. Water helps in keeping your skin and body healthy by cleansing the toxins from the body.

Try drinking at least 3 liters of water daily. Keep track of how much you drink currently, and just add a glass more. You can increase from there. See the change in the next few weeks. You will be astonished.

4. Get a Little More Vitamin-D

The production of vitamin D depends on being outside and in the sun every day. Making vitamin D can be aided by exposing as much skin as possible for even just ten minutes. The best time to use it is between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., making it the ideal justification for an outside meal.

5. Sleep a Little Extra Every Night

This year, help your body finally get the early bedtime it has been requesting. Sleep is regarded as the third pillar of wellness, following food and exercise. Adjust your bedtime gradually, even if it’s just by 10 minutes each night.

Give yourself some time to unwind before bed, whether with a warm shower, 15 minutes with a nice book, meditation, or any other practice.

Sleeping longer each night, by around 30 minutes, will help lessen daytime drowsiness, weariness, and tension. Studies show that if you can get close to an hour more sleep for a few nights straight, your performance and response times will improve as well as your attention span.

The lack of a proper sleep schedule can make you feel groggy and tired throughout the day. Instead, try sticking to a regular sleep routine – not only will you wake up fresh but also feel energetic enough to get through the day’s work.


You can use a variety of simple strategies to lead a healthier lifestyle. One at a time, start with the ones that will be the simplest for you to implement. Keep a diary close by and keep that incentive in mind. Then, make an effort to  develop tiny modifications that will improve your health.