The food you consume greatly affects your health. Many foods have been stated to have compounds that put up a good fight against possible cancer. There are studies that suggest that consuming certain food ensures there is a lower chance of you developing cancer. Let’s take a look at those food types. 

1 . CBD

Studies suggest there is a possibility that tumor growth can be stilted with cannabinoids. 

Health CBD might also have the capability of increasing the efficiency of some drugs that are used for cancer treatment. For example, 

  • A study conducted in 2019 suggested CBD could assist in cell death. Particularly, glioblastoma cells could become more sensitive to radiation this way but won’t affect the healthy cells. 
  • A 2014 study provides evidence that CBD is capable of stopping the growth of cells of colorectal cancer. 
  • A review in 2019 is of the assumption that CBD is capable of putting a stop to growing tumors, reducing the places the tumor has invaded, and even causing the tumor to die. However, there are still decisions to be made on the exact dosing amount and how it is to be implemented. 

2. Ginger

The research from the International Journal of Preventive Medicine suggests ginger may be effective against prostate, liver, gastric, skin, colorectal, and breast cancer. Ginger has compounds such as shogaol, gingerol, zerumbone and paradol that are performing this fight. Ginger Root has been known to have properties that destroy both tumor and cancer. 

3. Parsley

Parsley appears to have antioxidant properties that destroy free radicals before it could get to your cell to damage it. This is from a study by the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture. Parsley also provides protection to DNA which could cause cancer. 

4. Beans

Beans have high fiber properties, which according to some studies, provides a wall of protection against colorectal cancer. In one study, people who have experience with colorectal tumors were studied. The answer was that those who ate beans that were dried and cooked tended to have a lower chance of recurrence of the tumor

5. Turmeric

Turmeric has always been associated with good health. It is known to boost brain health and in general, don’t we enjoy adding it in curry or other food recipes? However, it appears the main compound in Turmeric, curcumin appears to put up a fight with colon and prostate cancer as well. The journal Precision Oncology concludes curcumin did not let cancer tumors feed and also helped shrink them.