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Referral Program

Join our Referral Program and earn FREE kratom!

We recently introduced our Rewards Program to give back to our customers.

Now you can spread the word about Kratom to your friends and get rewarded through our Referral Program.

It's as easy as...

Canada Kratom Express Referral Program

For every customer you bring in, you get 500 Reward Points. This translates into a free 100g pack of Kratom every time.

Save up your Reward Points and receive a Free Custom KG (2,500 Reward Points) in no time.


Getting Started

    1. Login (or create) a CKE Account on our website.
    2. Click on the green Buy Canada Kratom ExpressRewards pop-up bar on the bottom-right hand corner of our website (or green circle with white star on mobile) to manage your Referrals and Rewards.
    3. Scroll down to the 'Refer your friends' section to find a personalized link for your referrals
    4. Share this link with your friends, via e-mail, social media or on a website.

    When contacts sign up through the link, they instantly receive a coupon code for $15 off. Once they place an order over $50 and apply the coupon, you receive 500 Reward Points.


    Spread the word about Kratom and get rewarded!