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Capsules: Ultra Enhanced - Energy

ULTRA ENHANCED - ENERGY has been specifically designed to provide you with a powerful experience of pure physical energy, vitality and motivation.

Our Maeng Da Leaf undergoes a patent-pending extraction method resulting in a specially developed 4-to-1 mitragynine extract of purified alkaloids. We pair approximately 0.25 g of our proprietary extract with 0.25 g of our premium Power Blend (1:1), which consists of:

Super Green Maeng Da
A consistent bestseller worldwide, this strain is known for its mind-body energy, quick onset, and long-lasting duration. Our Green Maeng Da presents a moderately euphoric and mood-elevating profile.

Super Gold Maeng Da
Rare and exceptional; this strain is harvested from the largest leaves of the Red Maeng Da tree, which turn gold after a secondary sun-drying process. The result is a balance of content, happiness and productivity.

Super White Borneo
This unique strain comes from the heart of the Borneo rainforest. Famous for its uplifting nature, our Super White Borneo offers a boost of energy that brings improved clarity and motivation.


Please note that our products are raw materials intended for research, botanical, and aromatherapy uses only. They are not intended for human consumption in any form.


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