Join our Rewards Program and earn FREE kratom! 

Getting Started

  1. Simply create a CKE Account.
  2. Make sure you log into your account every time you place an order with us.
  3. Refer to the green Rewards pop-up bar on the bottom-right side of our website (or green circle with white star on mobile) to manage your points and redeem them for free products.
  4. Your Reward Points will get added to your account automatically after every successful transaction.

Earn Points Instantly
Reward Points are earned based on your order total amount, earning 1 point per dollar spent.

How To Redeem Points
Once you have collected enough points for a reward, you will be able to redeem your points for a free giveaway of your choice with any order.

Select your Reward Product in the Rewards Program screen, and you will receive a Coupon Code. Add the Rewards product to your Cart and then use the generated Coupon Code during checkout to receive the product for free.

Please note that Reward points/products must always be redeemed in this way. We cannot manually add free products to orders or redeem points in any other way.

You can collect unlimited points. If you have not earned or redeemed any points within 6 months, your points will expire.