Why Drinking Lemon And Water Could Be Beneficial?

Starting your day with a glass of water enriched with a splash of fresh lemon juice can not only refresh you from within but also has numerous health benefits.


Studies have long determined that daily intake of citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, grapefruits, etc., have a positive effect on our health. Research has also suggested that the juice and extracts of citrus fruits, including lemon, can even prevent cancer.


So, if you haven’t replaced your morning beverage with a glass of lemon water yet, here are a few reasons why you should do it. Take a look!

Health Benefits Of Lemon Water

Aids Digestion

Drinking a glass of lemon water early in the morning can actually help you maintain a healthy digestive system. This is because lemon juice is naturally rich in citric acid, which helps increase the production of stomach acid in your body. This makes digestion easier and prevents toxin buildup in the stomach.


In addition, drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning can ease bowel movement. If you suffer from constipation, this is one of the most effective remedies you can opt for. 

Gets Rids Of Bloating

Bloating can result from excess gas production in the stomach or the intestines. It may cause you to feel stuffed and uncomfortable every time you have a good meal. However, lemon water can help; sip a glass slowly after a meal, and you’ll get relief from a bloated stomach in no time. The water helps flush out your system to reduce bloat.

Good For Skin Health

Lemon water can boost collagen in the skin, keeping your skin looking youthful and healthy. And this is backed by research, too! As per a 2016 study, citrus-based juices were found beneficial in reducing skin damage and signs of premature skin aging. 


The vitamin C present in lemons helps clear away toxins that may cause acne or pimples, so you end up with clear and glowing skin. It also keeps the skin hydrated, reducing dryness and the appearance of wrinkles. You would be doing your skin a favor by drinking lemon water every morning!

Reduces Chances Of Kidney Stones

Lemon juice has higher citrate content than other types of citrus fruits. This chemical is known for preventing the formation of kidney stones. Of course, drinking lemon water is not going to help solve your kidney stone problems instantly. However, regular intake increases citrate levels, which bind with calcium to prevent stone formation. In addition, this chemical can also break down smaller stones, allowing them to pass out of the body easily.

Keeps You Hydrated

Last but not least, drinking lemon water can help you stay hydrated. Many people find it difficult to maintain their daily water intake due to a busy lifestyle. Therefore, a glass of lemon juice at the start of the day is an excellent idea to keep dehydration at bay. Moreover, proper hydration is key to solving a large number of health issues!

Summing Up

So, these were some health benefits that a mere glass of lemon water can provide. Try replacing your morning cup of coffee or tea with a glass of lemon water – your body is sure to thank you!