Our Growers
Building strong relationships is important to us. Through our search for the best products and practices, we have secured exclusive and fair-trade partnerships directly with kratom growers. These family-run businesses maintain generational traditions rooted in respect for the plants and their natural environments. To ensure freshness and quality, we receive new batches on a regular basis and travel to visit our growers multiple times per year.

Growing Conditions
Our products are wild-grown, which means keeping plants in their natural, jungle-like setting. This method allows for us to use 100% organic growing conditions, as opposed to factory-farmed kratom which often contains large amounts of chemical pesticides.

Our Processes
Kratom leaves are harvested and dried using traditional proprietary techniques. The dried leaves are then finely ground and securely packaged for shipment directly to us. Upon arrival, all batches are numbered, recorded, and then portioned into resealable packages made from natural materials. All of our products are tested for various safety and quality parameters, including the alkaloid (mitragynine) content, which we always ensure meets or exceeds industry standards. Throughout the entire process, from the wild to our warehouse to your home, our products are handled with consideration and care.

The Result
100% pure, safe and high-quality kratom.