Join our CKE Rewards Program and earn FREE kratom and other botanicals! 

Important: You must have a customer account on Canada Kratom Express to take advantage of the CKE Loyalty & Rewards Program.

Getting Started

    1. Simply create (or login to) your CKE Account.
    2. Make sure you log into your account every time you place an order with us.
    3. Access your Rewards screen under the menu item: ‘My Account‘ > ‘Loyalty and Rewards‘.
    4. Your Reward Points will get added to your account automatically after we receive confirmation and payment for your orders.

Earn Points Instantly
Reward Points are earned based on your order total amount, earning 1 point per dollar spent.

If you do not redeem Reward Points within 1 year, they will expire.

How To Redeem Points
Once you have collected enough points for a reward, you will be able to redeem your points for a coupon that gives you store credit, directly applicable on your Cart screen.
Step 1: Navigate the Menu to ‘My Account’
Step 2: Navigate to ‘Loyalty & Rewards’
Step 3: Go to: ‘Rewards Overview’ and click on ‘Unlockable rewards’.
Step 4: Scroll down to the Reward you would like to get and click ‘Unlock’. Confirm your selection by clicking ‘YES’
Step 5: Navigate back to the ‘Loyalty & Rewards’ menu and select ‘Coupon Overview’
Step 6: Select ‘Your current coupons’, find the COUPON CODE related to your reward and simply copy/paste this code into the ‘Coupon Code’ field on the CART screen.
Check out normally and enjoy an instant credit for any products in your Cart!

Please note that while multiple Rewards coupon codes can be used on the same order, Reward Codes cannot be combined with any other promotional coupon codes or discounts.