(“Canada Kratom Express” or “CKE”) and our retail affiliates respect your privacy and the security of your personal information.

Any concerns from our valued customers and visitors to our website are dealt with consideration and care, especially those surrounding the use of personal information and security of data. Our Privacy Policy (“the Policy”) has been put in place to shelter your privacy and contribute to a safe and secure online botanical shopping experience. This Policy applies to our websites,,, and sales, reporting, and marketing activities, including sales through our retail locations and any other/all avenues. The Policy protects information retained from consumers providing it to us through our website. It is not designed to protect business information. When you use our websites, you automatically consent to the collections and use of your personal information. Notwithstanding our Privacy Policy, we require customers to read and agree to our Terms and Conditions in their entirety for using our website or purchasing our products. Your use of our website constitutes your full complete and unwavering agreement to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

With time, our Privacy Policy can change. Improving our customers’ shopping and website experiences are important to us. Over time we take advantage of new technology and systems to enhance our services. Please revisit our Policy and Terms and Conditions occasionally to keep up-to-date with our most current practices. We may notify you via your most recent email information, if any of our Policies change, particularly if you have a registered account on our website. As you continue to use our website(s), you will continue to agree to any revisions of the Policy.

Summary of our Privacy Policy

The Policy explains and summarizes how we collect, protect, and use your personal information. It explains the following:

  • The type of information CKE gathers from individuals using our website(s).
  • How we use the above information and what we learn about you, due to our business-consumer relationship
  • How CKE uses “cookies” or “IP Addresses”
  • Conditions in which we would share your personal information and what this would include
  • The measures that CKE takes to keep your information secure and protect it from disclosure outside our Policy
  • Circumstances where you can access your personal information that you provided to CKE, including having the information corrected, restrict CKE’s use of that information, or have it taken off our records

The type of personal information our website(s) and retail location(s) collect

CKE collects and stores information that you provide us based on when you shop with us. For instance, when you create a registered account, sign-in, search, place and/or pay for your order, enter a promotion, complete a survey, or speak with our customer care department. Common information that is supplied to us includes names, addresses, email address, product preferences, contact information, frequency of purchases, etc. We may use this information to provide better service or promotions that are targeted to you.

How CKE uses your personal information

Providing our customers with an exceptional shopping experience is one of our main targets. We do not, and would never, sell any of your personal information to any third parties or other companies for any cause. There may be unaffiliated third parties or some of our affiliates that would want to provide their own services or products to you. We do not, and would never, disclose any of your personal information to these parties, unless you specifically requested us to, or we had gained authorization.

The only time we share your personal information with our affiliates or third parties is when we have contracts with them to perform specific services on our behalf, for example, marketing purposes. Every company that is contracted to work for us is obligated to keep any party of our customer’s personal information confidential and only used for the services they are completing. We may be are required by law or legal proceedings to disclose your personal information. We may be required to disclose your personal information to protect against crimes such as fraud, or to enforce our contract with you. Our goal is to provide you with enough information in our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions so that you may make informed decisions that are reasonable in how you choose to move forward in using our website or share your information. We collect this personal information in several ways:

  • Using our Website(s): CKE or our authorized service providers may oversee your online activity, preferences, and transactional information, such as your IP address, operating system or browser) relating to the use of our website or purchasing of our products. CKE can use this information to offer a better experience or facilitate the use of the website, note website usage, or be vigilant of safety and security threats. CKE, in addition to their authorized service contractors, can track patterns of traffic through internal analysis.
  • Transactions Online: Information about you and when you shop is collected. No registration is needed, but if you wish to save your shipping information, order history, or reward points, in addition to other features associated with “My Account’, then you may need to provide us with contact information. This can include, but is not limited to the following: name, address, phone number, email address, payment preference, product preferences, etc., especially when you are opening an account with us. CKE can assist you with opening an account and creating a user ID and password to ensure your personal information within your account is protected.

Our Security Measures

Internally, our data security measures restrict exposure to customers’ information to employees that are authorized only, whereas they require access to complete their duties fully for CKE’s day-to-day business activities only. We maintain firewalls, various safeguards, and also use Shopify as a website platform, which is known for their high-level security, including SSL encryption.

Since all orders placed through our website require offline payment (payment that is not processed through our website, but on your own accord, including Interac e-Transfer or choosing COD (collect-on-delivery), your personal financial information will not be in risk due to it being saved or stored in our databases. Any other personal information is protected through secure accounts and protection, only accessible for our employees that require it to process your order. Of course, regardless of our extensive safety measures and commitment to your privacy and safety, any type of information provided over the internet can’t be guaranteed to be completely secure. Therefore, CKE cannot ensure or facilitate the absolute security of any information that you provide to us online, through our website, or otherwise, and you fully agree that you do this at your own risk. CKE would notify you, as necessary and to the extent, that you would be able to identify the threat and take appropriate protective measures, should there be an instance where your confidentiality and personal information was breached. This notification would be through your most up-to-date provided email, unless you had informed us otherwise.

Cookies and how they are used

“Cookies” are tiny pieces of information that are stored on a personal computer that can be retrieved at a later date. Our common uses of cookies are used for administrative convenience, for instance, saving a password so that you do not have to log in every time you enter our website and your account. In no way will the cookies we use contain information that will allow anyone to contact you in any way. If cookies make you uncomfortable, website users can change their browser settings to refuse cookies and disable their capabilities.

Links to other sites containing our Website and Company Branding

Our website can contain links to other third party websites at times. CKE will not be responsible for, or take any liability for the privacy policies of these sites, as they may be different from our own. Please do your due diligence by making yourself aware of their specific Privacy Policies, to ensure you a comfortable with the security of your personal information. Our Privacy Policy applies only to your personal information that is collected by us from using our website.

Preferences for contact and personal information access

You can choose how we use your information, namely when registering for an online account by opting out of promotional emails. If you prefer to not receive emails, we may still contact you as necessary to process any orders or service your account. You can change your contact preferences by contacting us at, or choosing “update preferences” on the bottom of any email promotions we send you.

Please keep your personal or account information accurate and current, so that we can continue to provide you with the best service. If this information is incomplete or not up to date, or you wish to change anything, please contact customer service via the above email.

If you require additional information regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us by using the above contact information.

This Privacy policy applies to anyone who uses our website, regardless of where you are located. By providing us with any data, you agree to us using such data.

Our website is not for the use of anyone under the age of 18 years old, regardless of parental consent. We will not provide our services or products to any minor at any time.

Please ensure the secrecy of passwords and any account information while using our website, as CKE assumes zero liability, should your account be breached.

Trademark Notice

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