Top 25 Mental Health Podcasts to Listen to in 2023

The alarmingly rising mental health concerns can victimize any individual, irrespective of age, profession, or familial history. There is not one but many reasons for mental health issues to become familiar, primarily being the lack of awareness and not concerting an expert to eradicate the problem.

When and why you need mental health is a question that most people are alien to. Many of your physical and mental health issues might stem from prolonged stress or anxiety and can be fatal if not treated timely. To know more about your mental well-being, consider tuning into these twenty-five excellent podcasts and change your life for good:


We live in a world where everyone is suffering silently in one or the other. Our lack of compassion and understanding about the subject can make us ruin someone’s or even our life. Therappuccino is a mental health podcast hosted by Bisma Anwar that highlights common mental health issues, particularly in South Asian communities. You also find ample content regarding empathy, holistic nutrition, mental health, coping with grief and loss, and much more. This wholesome conversation-style podcast will provide the correct dose of information to help you stay more focused on your mental well-being.

The Mindful Muslim

Mindful living is the key to a successful, happier, healthier life. No matter what faith or religion you believe in, knowing how to make the most of your life and handling the intensity of emotions makes your life easier. The mindful Muslim is an inspiring podcast anchored within the core Islamic values. It documents how you can deal with various phases of your life, whether it’s a loss, healing, happiness, anger, etc. This podcast is truly food for your soul; you will be inspired to authenticate your inner self. Purify yourself to get the best out of this world.

Therapy for Black Girls

Getting caught up in our routines can often make us ignorant about our health. We must remember how taking baby steps toward healthy self-care can make a lasting difference and transform our lives forever. The therapy for black girls is about guiding you towards betterment and emphasizes the importance of your personal development and growth. The content of this podcast is dedicated to leading you to a happier and healthier life. As the name suggests, you will get more content focused on common issues of black women. Embark on the journey of a wholesome by tuning into this podcast.

Latinx Therapy

Latinx therapy, hosted by Adriana Alejandre, discusses all the mental health topics relevant to Latinas, Latinos, and Latinx. You can access commonly stigmatized themes and helpful insights from ‘Latinx mental health professionals, psychiatrists, doctors, bloggers, TV personalities, social media influencers, entrepreneurs, and many more.’ You will be motivated to change your life by listening to compelling stories of people who have overcome major existential crises and grave life challenges. If you have any questions regarding any issue, you can ask them, and they will get featured in the podcast. You are bound to find this podcast helpful!

Feeling Good Podcast

Battling on different fronts of life can be challenging. Untreated stress and anxiety can affect your physical and mental well-being. If you are facing any such situation, the feeling good podcast is what you need to tune into. Its content discusses significant prevalent mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, happy and unhealthy emotions, procrastination, communication barriers, etc. You will not just learn about dealing with the problem but will also get to know how you can figure it out, which is more crucial than the former. Learning to cope with your mental distress from an expert is everything you need to hear today!

Into the Fold

Into the Fold: Issues in Mental Health

Into the Fold: Issues in Mental Health is a fantastic podcast hosted by Ike Evans that discusses mental health concerns, factors affecting it, and much more from an expert perspective. Each episode includes a conversation with researchers, community leaders, mental health advocates, practitioners, and other learned individuals from Texas and other areas of the world. This podcast covers everything from raising the issues about girls’ mental well-being to talking about teachers’ mental health! You will love how informative and unique each episode is. Do tune into it regularly to get the daily dose of motivation and keep going in your life more smoothly!

The Emotions Mentor

Emotional health is more important than you think it is! If you have experienced having a productive and perfectly healthy mind, you would know what wonders it can do for your life and health. The emotions mentor is a podcast about everything you need to know to keep your mental health intact. You will learn all about managing emotions and excelling in life. Every episode is carefully designed to navigate you through your mind’s powers over your body and life and will let you master the art of keeping your composure. Once you eliminate negativity and empower optimism, you will flourish like never before. Tune into this podcast for more motivation!


We had known racism even before the term was coined. It is making many people’s lives difficult worldwide and has deprived many talented individuals of career-boosting opportunities. Davia Roberts’s ‘Affirm’ will help you reclaim your identity if you have faced any biases based on color. Being a woman of color in the corporate world might make you encounter many energy-draining stressful instances; you will learn to cope with them all with this fantastic podcast. Regain the more robust you and make the most of this life!

I am. I have

Falling prey to mental health issues is not your fault, but giving up and succumbing to it is! I am. I have an inspirational podcast that will be like a breath of fresh air in your life. From getting new hopes to exploring new horizons, each episode will take you on a journey from darkness and ambiguity to self-awareness. Listening to mental health experts and advocates gives you authentic and practical information that can work well with your healing process. Browse through their amazing episodes and tune into any relevant ones. Get set to change your life for good!

The Health Foundation

Mental health concerns are rising alarmingly, making it an essential topic of discussion. The health foundation podcast is focused on bringing detailed information about common mental health issues to debug the myths and spread the correct information to benefit the audience. Jennie Walker, the inspiring host, has been through mental health problems, thus, making her more compassionate towards her listeners. Listening to this podcast makes you more likely to determine if you have any health concern that needs to be treated promptly. Moreover, a little hope for having a fulfilling life is always needed!

Black Mental Health Podcast

The black community has long been the victim of racism and thus, making it more vulnerable to mental health issues. The black mental health podcast is dedicated to making people safe and embark on a healing journey if they struggle alone. It includes success stories of individuals who overcame a life-long battle with common mental health concerns alone. This podcast is not an alternative to therapy but will surely encourage you to seek professional help. This podcast is hosted by Reginald A. Howard, who has been through traumatic times and is playing his part in letting other people heal through his valuable content.

Stigma Podcast – Mental Health

No one can motivate you better than someone who has been through dungeons of mental illness and has become a more robust and better version of themselves. Stigma podcast tells the story of individuals with addictions and mental illnesses. Coupled with opinions and suggestions from experts and clinicians, this podcast gives you a complete guide to coping with your health concerns. You will also learn how different treatments can change your life completely and give you new hope to live a better and healthier life. Do tune into the stigma podcast if you want your life to transform for good.

The Hardcore Self-Help Podcast with Duff the Psych

This podcast is hosted by Dr. Robert Duff, a psychologist from Southern California who aims to help people struggling with mental illnesses. Usually, we cannot name our emotions or sort out why we are feeling things a certain way. If you are facing such difficulty, you can direct all your questions to this podcast and get them answered by a mental health expert and a psychologist Dr. Duff. Each episode discusses a core issue relevant to your mental well-being; therefore, you must take advantage of them. Tune into it right away!

The Hilarious World of Depression

Depression isn’t always evident. You might be living with one of its victims under one roof, and it would be hardly noticeable what the other person is going through since it can be masked by laughter and a strong persona. The Hilarious World of Depression features a comedian who has fought the disease while laughing their way through the journey. It is hosted by John Moe, a humorist and radio host, so you will surely laugh and get some essential information simultaneously. You will love every bit of this unique content!

Let’s Talk About Mental Health

Dealing with an emotionally challenging situation can affect your mental health. If you do not regularly pay enough attention to your mental well-being, you are more prone to developing issues like depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc. This podcast, with a weekly 25 minutes episode, will help you keep track of your mental well-being. From dealing with conflict to staying positive in adverse situations, you will learn some real-life skills and be able to cope with emotional distress. Every aspect of your mental health matters; this is the thought behind the ‘Let’s Talk About Mental Health’ podcast.

The Trauma Therapist

Avoiding traumatic experiences is challenging; however, leaving them untreated can overtake the rest of your life with melancholy and emptiness. If you ever had a heartbreak, suffered a loss, or experienced any other traumatic incident, you would know how difficult it becomes to muster up your courage every day and go with the flow of life. The Trauma Therapist podcast features mental health experts who can teach you all about resilience and bravery. You will feel motivated to pull yourself out from dungeons of darkness to landscapes of light and hope. Tune into The Trauma Therapist for regular motivation and information about rising mental health concerns; it will keep you all covered!

Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

We all know the famous Harry Potter quote, ‘happiness can be found in the darkest of times. If one only remembers to turn on the light, that is true! No matter how hard do things get, you can always find a way to get out of the gloominess through ‘practical teachings on mindfulness & meditation.’ Ten percent Happier with Dan Harris is the podcast that will help you regain your happier self through tried and tested techniques. Its content is carefully designed to ‘make you feel better’ about yourself and everything around you. Regain your hope for a happier and brighter future!

Feel Better, Live More With Dr. Chatterjee

Feel Better, Live More with Dr. Chatterjee is the number one health podcast in UK and Europe, and it has touched millions of lives with its valuable content. It aims to empower you by focusing on your health and designing a fulfilling life for everlasting well-being. Dr. Chatterjee’s mantra is ‘when you feel better, you live more.’ You will enjoy listening to its life-changing episode every Wednesday with a new guest and try making the most of it! Invest your time into making yourself a better version of yourself!

Mental Illness Happy Hour

Mental Illness Happy Hour, hosted by comedian Paul Gilmartin started with the hope of helping those who are affected by mental illnesses. Paul aims to ‘give people a place to connect, smile and feel the return of hope.’ If you are hopeful about your future, you will feel the warmth of life all over again and will be motivated to keep going despite the unhappy and energy-draining moments. This podcast will inspire you to speak up for your betterment and learn to seek help when needed instead of suffering in silence. Not to forget, this website or podcast is not an alternative for professional therapy or medical diagnosis.

The Anxiety Coaches Podcast

Prolonged and untreated anxiety can lead you to a significant existential crisis. The Anxiety Coaches Podcast by Gina Ryan, a certified nutritionist and coach for over 25 years, is an effort to help people heal from anxiety and return to a fulfilling and fun-filled life. The new episode comes out every Sunday and Wednesday to enhance your information. Finding your way out of mental illnesses is easy if you only know where to find practical solutions. This podcast is undoubtedly the platform that will play a significant part in your transformational journey.

Inside Mental Health

Inside mental health is one of the leading healthcare podcasts that give you all the information about mental health from a psychological perspective in an easily understandable way. Gabe Howard, the host, dives into a candid conversation concerning mental health issues with experts, celebrities, and other known figures. If you want to know about your mental health more easily without worrying about the use of jargon that you will have to Google later, Inside Mental Health is your go-to podcast. Fill yourself with all the positivity, resilience, composure, and other life-changing qualities to have a better chance at a happy future!

How Can I Help? With Dr. Gail Saltz

Dr. Gail Saltz is one of the most known figures in the world of mental healthcare and the go-to expert for all prevalent mental illnesses. Her podcast focuses on helping people understand their mental well-being and how it can be kept intact. You will learn about controlling your emotions and projecting them more healthily. Dr. Saltz is a bestselling author with extensive experience working as a mental health expert, thus, making her podcast highly valuable and free from myths. Do tune into this weekly podcast for your betterment!

Meditation Minis Podcast

Meditation Minis is one of the most downloaded and award-winning podcasts that helps people heal through traumatic life experiences and deal with stress and anxiety. It was launched in 2015 and has grown in popularity ever since and is featured on multiple healthcare platforms such as Healthline, NBC News, BuzzFeed, yoga, Bustle, LA STYLE, etc. The host, Chel Hamilton, is a mental health and yoga expert. She designs her content to allow you to explore your genuine emotions and dive into a self-discovery journey.

Imani State of Mind

Imani State of Mind is a mental health awareness podcast that is one of its kind. Doctor Imani and co-host Meg Scoop host it. Its content includes references from pop culture and news to make the importance of mental health more understandable for people of the current age. They are focused on ‘normalizing what getting your mind right really looks like.’ Every episode of this podcast has highly engaging and helpful content.

In Recovery with Dr. Nzinga Harrison

Have you ever seen a loved one suffering from addiction and not getting treated Or having difficulty speaking about it? In Recovery with Dr. Nzinga Harrison is the podcast that will let you understand why you must help those in need. If you have any questions regarding mental health, addiction, recovery, or anything related, you will get them all answered through this fantastic podcast. Tune into it immediately and invest your time in enhancing your knowledge; you might save someone’s life!


Mental health and holistic wellness should never be taken for granted. Failure to seek professional help in a timely manner can have dire consequences. This podcast will help you better understand why you need to take care of your mind as much as your body to achieve mental health. Listening to mental health content is always a step towards a better and healthier life!